Denis Pikulev

Team lead / Senior Front-end Developer

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About Me

Hello, all!

I’m experienced Front-end Developer with more than 10 years in web development. Mainly focused in creating SPA (single page application) based on web technologies (javascript/html/css). Legacy projects but also acceptable for me.

Regular work: currently working at one of the biggest E-commerce projects.

Last project is: SPA for internal use. Used technologies and approaches: JavaScript (ES6), React as a View renderer, Redux as a mechanism for storing app’s state, Saga for asynchronous things, Immutable.js as a main data type in store, PostCSS for CSS post-processing, Webpack as an app builder, Babel for transpiling ES6 to ES5, data normalization of nested structures in order to fast access to desired fields.

P.S I’m not so experienced in mobile app development, but I want to fix this in the near future.

Keywords: JavaScript, ES6, jQuery, React, React Native, React-Redux, Redux-Saga, Immutable.js, Babel, Webpack, Gulp, Node.js, koa2, HTML5, CSS3, CSS pre/post-processors (PostCSS, Less, Sass), Bem (CSS naming convention), package managers (NPM, Yarn), VCS (GIT), Bash scripting, Utilities, VIM, REST